Prayer for Our Leaders

This Letter to God is Letter Five under Letters to God, however I felt that it was so significant that I wanted to put it in this blog and hope you will read, meditate and comment on it.  Thanks.

Read Nehemiah 5:14 and 7:6

 Dear Lord,

 Nehemiah was Your man for the hour in which he lived.  He was a humble leader who did not put himself above his people.  He was a man who put his hope in God rather than wealth and riches.  Our riches are in You.  If men used their wealth to do good deeds with it, how blessed they would be.  Nehemiah taught against the selfish use of personal wealth, and he would not let his enemies side track him.  O Lord, that we too would be dedicated, focused and determined as Nehemiah to continue in Your strength to finish the tasks set before us.  Though the enemy comes and plots against us to take our souls, we will not be discouraged.  Lord, give us godly leaders like Ezra and Nehemiah who were determined to do Your will.  May they be men of integrity who bring honor and glory to God in their position; men who fear God, and not the opinions of other men.  Give us men, Lord, who lead us in Your wisdom, and men who carry their responsibilities through.  O God, we pray that our leaders will no put personal interests and personal gain above the interest of good.  Lord, remind our leaders that they are servants who provide the political and administrative stability of a nation.  Thank You for men who lean on You with courage and who will fight for social, political and religious reforms that we are so desperately in need of.  O God, give us leaders who seek You with the right motives in their hearts.  2 John 2:15 says, “If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  The world’s desires pass away, but the leader or man who does the will of God lives forever.  Amen.

 In prayer,

Ida, Pat, families, households and offspring in all generations.

All glory to God!  Amen.

(Please pass this on to your friends.  Be Blessed.  Thanks.)

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Gloria Fustino is the President and founder of Living Word Ministries, Inc. She came from the Western New York area where part of her family still lives. She lived in the DC Metro area since 1997 and in 2009 relocated to South Florida. Gloria has been working in the ministry since 1977 and was ordained in 1982. In addition to her many speaking engagements, she taught in Bible schools in the Western New York Area and was also the Director of Niagara Bible Institute in Niagara Falls, New York.

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