Grandma Ida

My Mother – Ida, (aka) Grandma Ida

Just as she always says she is proud of me, I am so proud of her. Mom was 88 years young in October 2010. Mom has known the Lord for so many years and what is so amazing is that she is still in awe of Him and of His work in her life and all those she prays for.

Mom is on the Board of Living Word Ministries, Inc. and she is our intercessor. Prayer and intercession seems to come naturally for her (it’s her gift) because of all the time she spends with the Master and in His Word.

She has hosted Living Word Ministries’ Intercessory Prayer Meetings in her home. She prays with other prayer warriors for not only the needs of this ministry, but for all requests received by us.

Mom has the joy of the Lord and is a most loving and giving person. Her countenance truly shines from being in His presence. She lives in South Florida and ministers to young and old alike. God uses her to give wisdom to all that come to her and sometimes doesn’t wait for them to come to her; she just goes right out there and finds them. I pray God continues to bless her with strength and health and His wisdom. Amen!